Post 97 – Gregory NP – Nawulbinbin walk.

Ian Collard
October 25, 2018

Gregory Tree


Who was Gregory? Apparently he took a ship from Brisbane around the coast and then up the Victoria river as far as here, where he set up a camp for 12 months while he explored the local area. Then no the 2nd of July 1856 he set off overland back to Brisbane.

Hence the Gregory National Park, which has now been renamed Judbarra.

Nawulbinbin Walk

Once again the country had been affected by fires.

Nawulbinbin Walk


After a steep walk up to the escarpmen, and then scrambling over rocks along the base of the escarpment, we were rewarded with finding some rock art and even a little explanation.

During the dreamtime beings that were both animal and human, and could change form, left their images on the rocks. These images were traced over and are the images we see today. This frog with a human head now makes sense.


Nawulbinbin Walk


The first green shoots after the fire.



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