Post 43 – Bladensburg National Park – Winton

Ian Collard
July 21, 2018

Bladensburg NP

From Porcupine  Gorge we headed south through Hughenden to Winton and then Bladensburg National Park.


This is "Bough Shed" water hole on Surprise creek the campground for the next couple of nights.


Bladensburg Shearing Shed



Bladensburg was a working property, that has been turned over to national parks. This is the shearing shed. It is not all that old. It was built in the 60s. The original was destroyed by fire. The story is that the boss's son was smoking and accidentally set fire to the shed.

Bladensburg Wool Press



The wool press still in place at the shearing shed.

Bladensburg NP - Scrammy's lockout



Scrammy was a boundary rider and a hermit who lived by himself near "Scrammy's" water hole. He was called Scrammy because he had lost the use of one hand after an accident with a wagon wheel.

Still not a bad legacy to leave your name to a view like this.

Bladensburg NP - Windmill



I don't think this windmill is going to be pumping water anytime soon.

Bladensburg NP - Trough



It probably doesn't matter. The water trough is not going to hold much water anyway.

Bladensburg NP - Store



The store back at the Bladensburg homestead.

Bladensburg NP - Campground sunrise



Early morning at camp.

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