Post 248 Diamantina Lakes National Park

October 15, 2020

Elizabeth Springs

We had a look at Elizabeth Springs on the way into the National Park. We couldn't find a real spring. The best I could do was some wet areas on the top of some of the mounds but it didn't flow anywhere and was quickly soaked up.

Elizabeth Springs

In it's own way the dry gibber plain we parked on was more impressive.

Gumhole campground

The water hole was full, it had obviously been overflowing over the road recently. As the lady at the min min centre in Boulia had said the sites here were pretty small, and not suitable for large caravans. We did check out the other campground later on and seeing we are small this is or preferred campground.

Whistling Kite Nest.

At first I didn't think this nest was occupied. It was only by using the binoculars that we saw this almost fully fledged chick.

Whistling Kite Chick

Gum Hole Waterhole

Sunset over the waterhole.

Gum Hole Campground

Night - no moon yet. Time to play with some star shots.

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