Post 104 – Litchfield

Ian Collard
November 4, 2018

Litchfield - Lost City


We took Clifford down the 4x4 track into the sandstone rock formations called The Lost City. The track wasn't a problem only one section where you needed the high clearance.

Litchfield - Lost City


There is a short walk meandering though the "skyscrapers"

Litchfield - Florence Falls


Swimming in the pool at the bottom of Florence Falls. I did the circuit walk around this pool. When you get down there it is quite small and there were a lot of people. I would hate to be there during the peak season.

Litchfield - Tolmer Falls

Wangi Falls

This pool is still a dedicated swimming area but the warning sign has now changed. It is a low risk area. The rangers monitor the pool and there is a crocodile trap set up down stream.

Bamboo Creek Tin Mine

Seems like there were a lot of small family owned tin mines through out the area. This is probably one of the larger ones. This shot is of the shed that contained the crusher and shaking table that used water to seperate the tin ore from the dirt.

It was interesting in that there was a lot of mica chips around. I am not sure if mica and tin go together.

Lichfield to Daly River Road


We wanted to see the Blyth Homestead which is part way along the 4x4 track south out of Litchfield National Park. We didn't let signs such as this deter us.

Lichfield to Daly River Road Blyth Homestead


While it looks like a pretty nice location reading the Sargent family information inside it was a very tough life. It was basically an outpost for the older children to work long hours in the family Tin mine.

At the yards Bill (I am unsure of the name) nearly severed his foot at the heel when the adze he was using slipped. By the time the stockman who was with him got word to his family and they transported him to Darwin it was a week. The tracks were impassible and he had to be stretched by hand or  horseback and swum across the high creeks. Unfortunately he died the next day in Darwin hospital. So it was a tough life.

Surprise Creek Falls


Not a lot a water. Just a trickle still flowing down between these pools.


Magnetic Termites


We drove through several fields of these skinny, largely North South aligned termite mounds.


Steep creek exit


We had driven through the deep creek before Blyth Homestead - where the sign indicated 500mm and the sign said salt water crocodile seen here recently so no walking. We had negotiated the Reynolds river which reports had said can be difficult. It was to be an easy drive now to the bitumen. We went into this small creek with a bend in the crossing to be confronted with this.

Fortunately those are our tracks and we made it up.


Feeding the birds


Feeding the birds at the Batchelor Caravan Park



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