Post 100 – Cahill’s Crossing

Ian Collard
October 30, 2018

Cahill's Crossing



We found the infamous Cahill's Crossing just next to the Ubirr rock arts sites. Is it a vehicle crossing or a "crocodile" crossing?

There certainly was no problem spotting a croc in the time we were there.



Cahill's Crossing - Vehicular Traffic

I am not sure how deep the crossing gets at high tide, but it was pretty low while we were there and consequently there was a reasonable amount of traffic traversing it. No we didn't take Clifford across.


Cahill's Crossing



The Crossing is quite a tourist attraction in its own right. This bus driver let their passengers out on the far side. On our side the southern side there is a large viewing area high up on the bank well out of the water.

Yes there were a couple of blokes flicking lures when we first got there. They seemed to be pretty croc aware though and were standing well away from the water.


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