Post 438 Madigan Track Camp 13

Ian Collard
June 8, 2022

Madigan Track Camp 10

"Clifford" amongst the spinifex. - a lunch break at Madigan's camp number 10.

Madigan Camp 10

There were these lizards living in the spinifex. Some form of dragon?

Madigan Track

Not sure why but some-one had been dropping matches all along the track. Usually just one patch of spinifex had been burnt but here the fire had managed to get away.

Madigan Camp 13

A nice photo of the spinifex grass in seed.


Madigan Camp 13

Yes Tony it is a nice sunset.

No I think I have enough sunrise sunset photos this trip.

Oh alright.

Madigan Camp 13

We have camped overnight at Madigan's Camp 13.

The well dressed gentlemen we met yesterday  - ("Stubby" shorts only no shirt and not even a pair of thongs barefoot) are camped near by . I don't think they are going to let us get too far away as they know we have a satellite phone Tony is intending call the Birdsville cop to find out road conditions before heading south to Eyre Creek and Birdsville.