Post 436 Madigan Track Camp 5

Ian Collard
June 6, 2022

Madigan Track Camp 5

I was pretty happy with this night shot.

We had a fire every night. There is no collecting of firewood along the Madigan but we had stocked up with wood on the way in.

The nightly fire was also used as the days rubbish disposal. The ashes were buried the next morning.

Here I am by myself after everyone else had gone to bed.

Madigan Camp 5

I decided I had better get some photos of the flora. I already have a dozen sunset photos.

This is a "Bush Tomato" I had seen it in flower but I don't recall seeing the fruit before.

Madigan Camp 5

This small tree/bush doesn't seem to have traditional leaves just these green stems.

Madigan Camp 5

This is the bird flower.

Madigan Camp 5

See the flower does look like a bird.

Madigan Camp 5

Camel Poo.

While not fresh Camel Poo is very dry and small compared to Cow Poo. They retain as much moisture as possible.

Madigan Camp 5

The full moon rising at the end of the day.