Post 427 Day 3 The Lone Gum

Ian Collard
May 26, 2022


Instead of a European ABC (Another Bloody Castle) tour, this is becoming an ABS trip Another Bloody Sunset trip.




We have seen a lot of budgies on this trip. I haven't caught any on camera but we have seen medium sized flocks of them catching the sunlight and flashing brilliant green as we drive along. There were a lot of them around camp; taking to the air as the sun rose.

Camel Bones

The bones of a dead camel beside the track. It was still recognisable as camel but really putrid when Tony was here last year. I wonder if we will see any live camels?

The Lone Gum

The lone gum is a bit of a misnomer, to be pedantic it is a Coolabah tree not a gum tree and it is no longer a lone tree there are a couple of small trees within the protective fence around the tree.


An arty farty photo of our Explorer Motor Home at tonights camp.


Night shot of Clifford lit by the half moon.

Clifford Star Trails

Camp star trails.