Post 110 – D’Aguilar National Park.

Ian Collard
March 7, 2020
Clifford in his natural element.

D'Aguilar National Park


So our first trip out for this year. We took "Clifford" up into the D'Aguilar National Park. This is at the lookout over Somerset and Wivenhoe Dams

neurum creek

Neurum Creek.


Morning reflections in Neurum Creek at Archer Campground.

Neurum Creek


When are you too old for a rope swing?

Luminous Fungi


Fortunately the lady near us had seen these luminous fungi the night before. I don't think I would have spotted them.

Post 200 – Kenilworth, the start of a post covid isolation trip

June 19, 2020

Kenilworth Showgrounds


To celebrate the relaxing of Covid isolation rules, and the fact the we can now travel within Queensland some of the explorer motor homes who reside in South East Queensland met at the Kenilworth Showgrounds.

Kenilworth is really busy. The people at the dairy said they have never seen it so busy outside school holidays. Queenslanders helping Queenslanders!


Charles St Kenilworth

Charles St. Kenilworth


The first morning was quite foggy. But the day was beautiful.

Mary River


Trying for a longer exposure to get some blurring on the water.

Mary River Kenilworth Rainbow Bee Eaters

Rainbow Bee Eaters


Do you think my bird photography needs some improvement? There are 4 Rainbow Bee Eaters in this photo.

No not the willy wagtail in flight the green birds on the fence.

I am not a "twitcher" but had seen these birds up north. I  didn't realise their habitat extended this far south.


Post 201 – Biloela

June 24, 2020

Clara Biloela


Spent a couple of days in Biloela with Roderick Jodelle and Clara.




Thanks to Ann, Roderick and Jodelle all of whom I suspect had a hand in my surprise birthday cake.


Heritage Park


Early morning at the Heritage Park short stay campground - Biloela.


Post 202 – Keppel Sands

June 24, 2020

Keppel Sands


In Keppel Sands for a few days. When the boys were younger and we were living in Biloela we spent a few weekend here. Ann at the bicentennial walk overlooking Keppel Sands.


Keppel Sands


Low tide at the boat ramp (Coorooman creek end)


Keppel Sands


The weather has been perfect if a little cool the days we have been here.


Keppel Sands


Even the mangroves and mudflats look good in the setting sun.


Post 203 – Stanage Bay

July 1, 2020

Plum Trees - Stanage Bay

Coming Home

We have never been into Stanage Bay. I have always heard terrible things about the road in. Bent axles on boat trailers, lost mudguards. A recent post on the Plum Trees page on Facebook was pretty broad. It described the road as being good in place and rough in others. In the end at present the road is good - ssh don't tell any one they will all want to go. The campground at Plum Trees is pretty good and we could watch the boats coming into the boat ramp just around the corner.

By the time we left our view had been curtailed by the new neighbours. We were probably not sorry to leave when we did. The campground had become too cramped and most people had several dogs and there was more than one generator.

Looking around the area there are better camp sites around you just have to explore to find them.


Stanage Bay - Fishing

Even though almost everyone in Stanage has a boat it looked as though you should be able to catch a fish from on land. I did try casting a lure but wasn't at all successful.



Alligator Point - Stanage Bay


It is really worth while doing a little exploring and not just driving in and out of Plum Trees. This is the view from alligator point in the morning.


Leaving Stanage


As Van I said the road was a piece of p---. I didn't really need to air down my tyres but I had so pumped them up before heading north on the bitumen.