Cape York Trip – Post 1

Blackdown Tableland

The first stop was a couple of nights at Blackdown table land.



The campground - Munall is really nice. All sites have this nice bush setting with lots of space between sites.










Starting at the campground is the Goon Goon Dina walk which leads to a small stencil rock art gallery.





The other end of the campground has a walk that leads to Mook Mook. This is a look out that does have Telstra mobile reception. This lead me to making the hike a second time to book an extra night at the campground and then having to walk back in the rain 🙁




The walk to rainbow falls and down the 240 steps is worth it. The falls are peaceful and beautiful.




The sign said 4x4 loop road. "Clifford" is a 4 wheel drive.

I swear this section looked worse from the drivers seat. Still 4x4 low range was not problem. Still it was good to get an idea of what I and a 3.5 ton Ford Ranger can do. Even used the hill descent button on another section.





Cape York Trip – Post 2



A couple of uneventful days. We had a look at the Fairburn dam on our way through Emerald. Didn't realise the road goes across the spillway and the dam wall.

Got quite adventuresome and "free" camped at the BP truck stop in Clermont.

The noise of any trucks during the night was drowned out by the constant hum of the refrigeration unit on the "Roo" box. Neither of which kept me awake.


The photo is of "Clifford" at Belyando crossing road house on our way to Charters Towers.



Cape York Trip – Post 3

Charters Towers



So we made it to "the Towers". We checked  into the Top tourist van park - we have a discovery parks membership card and get a discount 🙂

At first I couldn't find the dump point. Turns out it is camouflaged beind this door. Would have to be the flashest dump point I have used so far.


We did have a bit of a look around.

Had a look at Blackheath - Thornburgh school, primarily  because Ann's Dad boarded there.

Went for a drive out to the weir. I was surprised at the amount of water going over. Particularly as there were signs all around the van park explaining that it was dry and the town was on water restrictions, so short showers and no washing cars or vans.

Went up to Towers Hill. It was very interesting with lots of information boards etc for we tourists. Views of the town and beyond. Ruins from gold processing plants. Audio visual displays in old ammunition storage bunkers.



Cape York Trip – Post 4

Ian Collard
May 23, 2018

Einasleigh - Copperfield gorge

Lunch break on the road to Einasleigh and Copperfield Gorge

From Charters Towers we were always going to head north up towards the Lynd Junction. We thought that we might have a look at the undara larva tubes. Even though they are covered by a national park the only access to the tubes or camping is through the resort. Here it is $60 per adult for a guided tour.

We decided to take a little detour through Einasleigh instead and have a look at the Copperfield gorge. Not a large or grandiose feature but still worth a look - and it is volcanic just like the larva tubes. 🙂

This was our first longish section of gravel road - about 70km. For the first time I let some air out of the tyres. It seemed to work a treat a lot of the jarring from the corrugations and stones was taken out.

Einasleigh Hotel



It is possible to camp the night beside the pub. We chose to camp just down the road. Someone is planning to open a caravan park but in the mean time is letting people stay for a donation. There are no facilities yet. It suited us as we are fully self contained and didn't feel guilty that we didn't spend enough at the pub.




"Clifford" in the morning light. This is the paddock where we spent the night.

Cape York Trip – Post 5

Einasleigh to Ravenshoe




Travelling from Einasleigh to Ravenshoe we were lucky enough to bump into Linda and Rick, and Jenny and Noel. We knew they were about but hadn't made any arrangement to meet up so it was really good timing that they were stopped in Mt Garnett as we pulled in.

Millstream Falls



As we were travelling from the west we practically drove past the millstream falls so had to go in for a look.




Spent the night in the old rail yards at Ravenshoe. Right next to the old rail station and this Steam Loco. Apparently the loco has been restored so that it runs. The local ?? society is in the processing of getting government approval to run it up and down the line.

It was built in the Ipswich workshops. Not sure if Dad recognises the number at all.