Post 92 – Kunnunarra

Ian Collard
October 15, 2018

Wyndham to Kununurra


Yeah in Kununurra and should be able get the air conditioner fixed. Daytime temperatures are pushing 40 degrees. Unfortuately  parts are not here. The good news is Dometic have decided to replace the whole unit. The bad news is that it hasn't been sent yet and has to come from Melbourne.

Still the caravan park is providing free mangoes.

The other good news is that we have the loan of a portable air-conditioner until ours is replaced.

We went down to Purnululu National Park for a few days. This shot is in Echidna Chasm.

Post 93 – Purnululu National Park

Ian Collard
October 15, 2018

Purnululu National Park


200 km down the bitumen from Kununurra to the turn off. We had just let some air out of the tyres for the gravel when a ranger pulled up to tell us that the southern section of the park was closed to the public because of bush fires - started by lightning.

We were free to camp at Kurrajong and explore the northern section but the archetypal Bungle Bungle Domes are in the south. We went in and hoped that the south would reopen while we were there.

Small storm/squall at Kurrajong campground.

Echidna Chasm


Walking this chasm was pretty cool. It gets quite narrow and consequently interesting light on the walls.

Bower - Echidna Chasm


Right next to the path and even signposted with a national parks sign is this Great Bower Bird's bower.

Bungle Bungles


Yes the southern section did open up and we were able to move camps. This is driving into the Bungle Bungle car park.

Post 94 – Kununurra

Ian Collard
October 18, 2018



The Air-conditioner is here in Kununurra 🙂

Should be getting it installed tomorrow.

We have changed caravan parks. This "Pump House" which is now a restaurant is just next door.

Kununurra - Discovery Caravan Park


Paid the extra 2 dollars for a lake side site. This is the sunsetting from just in front of our site.

Post 95 – Lake Argyle

Ian Collard
October 23, 2018

Lake Argyle



The replacement air conditioner has been installed, and has run all night here at the Lake Argyle Caravan Park. 🙂

We took a Lake Argyle sunset cruise this afternoon. This shot is part of the lake. Even on the cruise you don't get a full appreciation of how big the lake is but you do get the sense that it is huge.

Lake Argyle


Ann enjoying a dip in the lake. I can't remember how deep the skipper said it was. Suffice to say that we were not going to be able to touch the bottom.

Lake Argyle


This is a fresh water crocodile nest that has been dug up -  presumably by a dingo.

Lake Argyle - Sunset


Well it was a sunset cruise.

Lake Argyle - Mountain bike


I even managed to find the Lake Argyle Mountain Bike Track. It would be an exaggeration to say I rode around the full circuit - I did walk/ride around it though.

Post 96 – Keep River National Park.

Ian Collard
October 25, 2018

Keep River NP



Because of bush fires the Keep River National Park has been closed for several weeks, but the southern section is now open.

Goorrandalng Campground

Goorrandalng campground is in the shadow of this sandstone bluff. We were theatened with a couple of small storms in the afternoon and some showers in the morning.

Goorrandalng Campground



A different "Sunset" photo.

Sandstone Window


I almost got wet along The Gorrandalng (Brogla Dreaming) Walk. I had to take shelter under a overhang.

Yet another natural window carved into the sandstone. It doesn't seem the first one we photographed in the Kalbarri National Park was unique. 🙂



Goorrandalng Walk


I think the showers made for some pretty special shots. Sorry not exactly straight out of camera I had to balance the light sky with the dark foreground on the computer.

Other shots from this series are in a gallery on the home page.