Post 50 – Across the Continent.

The Lake Quilpie

Our first stop was at Muckadilla. There is almost nothing here just a pub - that's for sale. The photo is of a shearing shed at our second night stop beside "The Lake" just outside Quilpie.

The Lake Quilpie


Down at the lake complete with emus.

Post 51 – Cooper’s Creek.

Cooper's Creek

Hopefully the first of a number of iconic places we will visit on this trip. We camped the night on the banks of Cooper's Creek. I even had a go a trying to catch a Cooper Yellowbelly fish. No such luck, but on the plus side I didn't lose my lure.

Post 52 – Haddon Corner

Haddon Corner

On the way to Birdsville we took a small diversion to Haddon Corner. This is the top east corner of South Australia.

Just before the corner there are two sand dunes that we managed to negotiate. Ann being the daughter of a surveyor was keen to visit this corner on a map.


Post 53 – Birdsville

Birdsville Hotel


Another icon ticked off the bucket list. We made it to Birdsville even if the road from Betoota was pretty ordinary.

Royal Hotel Birdsville


The ruins of the Royal Hotel in Birdsville. It was also used as the Inland Mission Hospital for awhile.

Betoota Hotel


We did drive through Betoota. Looks like we were still a bit early for the opening of the refurbished Betoota Hotel.

Big Red



While we didn't try to drive up Big Red, others did while we were there.

Post 54 – Birdsville to Boulia

Waddi Trees


Just north of Birdsville on the road to Bedourie are these rare and old Waddi Trees. They are slow growing and as a consequence are a hard dense wood, only found on the fringes of the Simpson Desert.


Explorer motorhome

Carcoory Homestead.



Carcoory was once part of the Kidman Cattle Empire. Next time I am out here we will have to camp here and try for some night shots.

Carcoory Bore



This artisan bore is not far from the homestead. I suspect it has been flowing for longer than the homestead has been standing.

Vaughan Johnson Lookout



It sure is dry and flat out here. There is a semi on the road heading south to Birdsville.